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For over 60 years, QCast Aluminum has supplied quality sand cast parts and assemblies to a wide variety of companies and industries.  From large companies to small start-ups, our customers consist of recreational, lighting, industrial fans and many other products.

We offer a full range of services and capabilities that will meet short lead times, offer technical advice, excellent quality and exceptional customer service.   We can manufacture small and large quantities with quick turnaround times.

We work with professional pattern makers to develop patterns to meet your requirements.

We continually work hard to separate us from the competition.  Our team engages with our customers to develop optimal deliverability strategies and practices based on their need. 

We provide the right mix of technology, strategy and support to ensure our customers receive their products on-time, all the time.




3-BMM CK Jolt Squeeze Molding Machines 12" Table Centers

(Flask size 12" x 12" and up to 10" x 30", 18" x 18")

1-3161 Rota-Lift Molding Machine

(Flask size 16" x 36", 18" x 18" and up to 28" x 38")

1-BMM BT5 Jolt Squeeze Roll Over Machine 18" Table Center 12 13/16" Pattern Draw

(Flask size 23 1/2" x 37", 28" x 30", 25" x 61" and many in between)

Bench-Loose Patterns (Prototypes and Small Production Runs)

Floor-Loose or Mounted Patterns

Core Making

Shell Core, CO2 and Air Set Cores

1-Dependable 200SA Shell Core Machine

1-Palmer M-50 Continuous Mixer 25-50 Lbs. /Min.


2-Dynarad 950 LB. Electric Resistance Furnaces

1-Dynarad 150 LB. Electric Resistance Furnace

Rotary Degassing

1-Pyrotek 80-1000 psi Insert Degasser


1-Hermance Machine Co. Vertical Cut, 36”Throat Band Saw

2- Shephen Bader 3” x 132” Belt Grinders

2-Engleburg 2 ½” x 60” Belt Grinders

Assorted Hand Finishing Tools

1-Wheelabrator 27” x 36” Tumble Blast


1-Allen 4 Head Drill Press


1 -Airco 250 Amp Mig Welder

Secondary Operations



Painting/Powder Coating

Heat Treating


Pattern Making

Vibratory Finish

Alloys Poured

Most commonly poured 319, 356, 535, 713 and 319.1Q (low lead content) and others that can be poured including 208, 214, 218, 355 and 443