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QCast Aluminum has an excellent reputation for producing quality aluminum sand casting products. Our in-house production and quality team ensure that each part meets or exceeds our customer’s standards through a series of built in quality checks.

At QCast Aluminum we have a Quality Assurance Program that conforms to internal and ISO9001:2008 Systems. Quality is checked at all phases of the manufacturing process including incoming metal, in-process inspection by the operator and final inspection.

We have manufacturing and quality assurance planning reviews on all new parts. We take your designs and provide competitive cost manufacturing for on-time deliverability and quality products.

Our operators are trained on the latest equipment along with procedures and work instructions and inspection equipment to ensure a quality product.

QCast Aluminum stands behind our products and continuously strives to improve our processes and capabilities by investing in equipment, enhanced personnel training, and continuous improvement programs including advanced quality planning, six-sigma and lean manufacturing.

Inspection Equipment
Green Sand Strength Tester
Green Sand Compatibility Tester
Hardness Tester
Speedy Moisture Tester
Type K Porta Probe
T.R.P. Tester
Ohaus Triple Beam Scale
Fairbank Morse – Platform Scale
Avery Scale
5/16 – 6" Telescoping Gages
½" Radius Gage
¾" Radius Gage
1/64 – ½" Radius Gage
0-24" Height Gage
.0015 - .025 Thickness Gages
1/4-20 UNC 2B Go / No-Go Plug Gage
5/16-18 UNC 2B Go / No Go Plug Gage
(2) 3/8-16 UNC 2B Go / No-Go Plug Gages
8-32 UNC 2B Go / No-Go Plug Gage
10-24 UNC 3B Go/No-Go Plug Gage
3" Diameter ID Check Gage
4" Diameter ID Check Gage
4" Diameter OD Check Gage
0-8" Caliper
(4) 0-6" Caliper (Dial)
0-6" Caliper (Electronic)
10" Outside Caliper
10" Inside Caliper
1-2-3 Blocks
0-1" Micrometer
18" Steel Rule